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"Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique." - Jennie Kwon

Accessories Bling is a new, as of spring 2015, online store made available of select items for your fashion wardrobe, and including your home. We are embarking on a journey we want to share, with the refreshing ideas to update, expand and complete your wardrobe and home with carefully chosen accessories.

Although working fulltime, dollars were slim for what we considered our fashion needs. And we learned early on that by investing in select accessories, changing wardrobe looks became not only a necessity but a challenge. Every day much thought was put into how to change up available clothing items with various accessories. This effort resulted in a satisfying reward as innumerable complimentary comments were made, affirming our fashion sense and bolstering our fashion confidence.

Our endeavors were not born in spontaneity, but deeply implanted fashion awareness from our great grandmother, Madame Augusta Schultze. She is recognized as the first female business owner in Grand Rapids, Michigan based upon the fact that she opened a millinery shop in the center of town in the early 1900’s, significantly shaping women’s fashions there. Later she broadened her outreach into costume design, sending these items as far away as Hawaii – a pretty remarkable feat in those horse and buggy times. Madame Schultze’s fashion sense was savored by her granddaughter, our mother. Mom ultimately was a fashion copywriter for one of the largest department stores in Grand Rapids, Herpolscheimer’s. Needless to say she offered continuing advice as we grew up on how to change an outfit with a few accessories, embedding us with a useful yet classic and trendy fashion sense. It is with all this in mind that we want to share the inventory we have chosen to encourage the development of your own fashion signature.

Peruse our unique inventory to find those items which could very well be the fashion investment you require to update, expand and complete your wardrobe. Further, we invite you to contact us with your comments or questions at our email address or phone which are: or call us toll free. (866) 933-8721.



To all of you, from all of us at in beautiful North Fort Myers, FL - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Ellen S. B.